Care Instructions

I supply all items that need special care with their own set of instructions. If you have lost your care instructions, please see the "Care Instructions" page. This can be found at the bottom of the back under the Quick Links.

Are the cold cups coated?

No! I do not coat my cold cups. Using resin on a cold cup would make it more fragile. The cups I use have some flex to them and coating them would make an outer shell that would be not flexible. When a flexible cup is coated with something like resin it creates a hard shell around the flexible cup. This can lead to the shell breaking when dropped or squeezed too hard.

My item is not the EXACT item photographed?

All products are made to order and handcrafted, which makes each item unique. With that being said, not every item is perfect as if it came out of a machine. I hold myself to a high standard and promise to deliver the best quality product to my customers.

Can I put my custom cup in the dishwasher?

No. It is not advised. Even though the vinyl is permanent, the heat and pressure from the dishwasher will ruin the design and cup. It is best to hand wash it carefully!

Why are some of your photos blurred or covered?

They are covered and blurred because I don't want to get sued for copyright. ALL photos that are blurred or covered have a link in their descriptsions to my instagram page so you can see the product uncovered. 


If you would like something altered on this piece, please send me PRIOR to ordering so I can make that happen.

I use Canada Post to send my items. Once your package is dropped off at the post office, it is out of my hands. If you would like to track your package, please pay for the tracking option when checking out. If you are in Canada, you will automatically have tracking on your item, which I can provide to you ( I'm sorry to anyone outside of Canada, this is just how the post system works here). If you are not in Canada and have not paid for tracking, I have no way of finding out where your package is. I can only get an APPROXIMATE timeline of when an item will arrive when I am making the shipping label. Be advised, if you are not in Canada, it will need to go through customs, again, is out of my control.

Shipping Options

When you have an item in your basket a menu will auto generate to tell you the cost of shipping, you can scroll through to find the shipping that best suits your needs. If you are in Canada, your package will come with tracking included. If you are outside of Canada and you would like tracking, please select one of the following:

Expedited Parcel
Tracked Packet
Tracked Packet-international

** Choosing the lowest cost delivery will not allow for tracking. The following do NOT come with tracking: Small Packet USA Air, International Parcel Air, Small Packet International Air, Small Packet International Surface**

Local to the Fraser Valley Shipping

If you are local to the Fraser Valley I offer a discount rate on pickup/delivery.
Please contact me to find out more about this.


Need by date
If you need your order by a certain date please message me PRIOR to ordering to ensure I can accommodate your request.


Since all items in the shop are made to order, there are different processing times on each category of item. These are the current process times: 

Snow Globe Cups: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping.
T-Shirts: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping.
Sweaters: 1-2 Weeks to Process before shipping.

Cold Cups: 1 Week Processing before shipping.
Hot Cups: 1 Week Processing before shipping. 
Decals: 1 Week Processing before shipping.
Masks: 1 Week Processing before shipping.

Bulk Orders: will depend on how many items, but approx 2-3 Weeks Processing before shipping.

Contact information:

Instagram: @beanstuckdesigns
Facebook: @beasnstuckdesigns
Email: beanstuckdesigns@gmail.com